Hello from Redmond!

Hi everybody, this is our first update from Redmond! We arrived yesterday safely in Seattle for the Microsoft Research Design Expo and had our first day in the city and on Microsoft Campus. During the next days, we will share our stories and adventures of Team Tracktile in Redmond here on in our journal. You can also keep up to date for smaller stories and pictures on Cécile’s twitter, for longer stories we will use our journal on this website.

The first day was all about some basic orientation, rehearsals and getting to know each other. In the morning we left for the Microsoft Campus, to have our first rehearsal with Melissa, Mike and others from Microsoft. Since we had practiced quite often in the last weeks, we didn’t have any difficulties during our presentation and got interesting feedback about the narration and storytelling. We also met Andreas Koller and Richard Banks, two of our Microsoft Liaisons, again.

The afternoon we spent exploring Seattle and the Washington University and editing some parts in our presentation. Tonight we met the other Design Expo finalists from the universities of Shanghai, Delft (NL), Rio de Janeiro, South Korea, University of Washington, Pittsburgh and Los Angeles (read more about the Design Expo) and the organizers over dinner and drinks. It was really nice to get in touch with the other students and exchange about the difficulties and situations of our common challenge “Inclusive Design and Technologies”.

We are really keen to listen to the presentations of the other groups and learn more about their solutions and ideas about this project. Tomorrow we will have a second rehearsal and technical run-through in the morning and on Wednesday we will have the final presentation.