Prototype User Test III

It is our aim to continue working on Tracktile, not only for the Microsoft Research Design Expo in Redmond, but also for us. After the final presentation we refilled our power tanks and started to plan the remaining time until the Design Expo in the end of july.

The first step is the evaluation and user testing of our latest prototypes. We already got feedback on our second prototype at the ABSV, but it is important to us to have different opinions and point of views. Also, we didn’t had the chance yet to get qualified feedback on our foldable map, because we built it only a few days before our final presentation. So we met Micha again, who already tested our first prototype and give us valuable insights for our work and stayed in touch with us.

We talked about accessibility in tourism and public places and he gave us some useful adresses and informations for the Tracktile project. Then he tested the second and third prototypes and gave us his points of view about the level of details, the sharpness of the modell, the usage of the maps, and to which degree and size/height/depth it is possible to feel and distinguish tactile marks.